Cupping Singapore – What is Acupuncture?

cupping singapore

Cupping, a form of acupuncture, is a method of applying heat and suction to the skin to promote healing. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide range of ailments. Go here

Acupuncture is a natural and safe form of healing. While it has not been proven to be effective for all conditions, it is a popular treatment for a number of illnesses. Its effect is similar to a massage, in that it draws blood from the underlying tissues to the surface of the skin, while reducing pain.

The process involves placing small cups on the skin. These are usually glass or plastic. They are heated, and then placed on specific meridian points on the body.

Suction devices are then gently moved across the skin, breaking up stagnant energy and promoting healing. This is also a good way to promote a general sense of wellness.

Draw out harmful substances and toxins from the body

The earliest known record of cupping therapy dates back to the Warring States period. Glass or bamboo jars were used. Today, there are many ways to perform cupping.

Modern methods of cupping involve the use of an electric pump or hand pump. In some cases, a lighted cotton ball is inserted in the cup. Similarly, heating the cup with alcohol on the bottom is a common way to create a partial vacuum.

If you are interested in getting a cupping treatment, make sure to seek out a licensed TCM practitioner. Fly-by-night masseurs offer their services, but they are not accredited.