5m Scaffold Tower – Ensure Safety


Achieving a successful work schedule requires a lot of planning and proper deployment of equipment such as the 5m scaffold tower. This kind of tower has two platforms on which you can stand when working on the job. You can choose to stand at the platform for support or for climbing or you can climb up and stand on the second platform which is meant for placing materials or supplies on. If you have to work on something which is a bit higher, it would be better to place the tower close to the ground.

Scaffolding Towers Review: The Folding Trade Tower

5m scaffold tower


With the use of modern technology, these aluminum towers are now being made and they have advanced capabilities of being put together in a snap. These aluminum towers come with pre-assembled kits, which include all the parts, nuts and bolts together. It does not include the support beam or the platform. All you need to do is put it together and then you can get down from the work platform through fasteners which are provided on both the sides of the platform and you can assemble them in a couple of hours time.

When you have to work on stuff that is higher than these towers, you would have to make sure that the whole thing is bolted properly and the whole platform is strong enough so that it can hold up all the weight that is placed on top of it. If not, the entire project can come to a screeching halt. The best part is that it is so light that you can carry it about, especially if you have to transfer it from one floor to another floor. You can put it on a scaffold, or it can simply be placed on the ground and lifted with a rope. Most people prefer the former.

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