What Is Chiropractic Care?

For over 30 years, Boston chiropractors have provided their patients with effective pain relief from injuries. Injuries can occur at any point in your life, and chiropractors understand how to treat them accordingly. From spinal cord injuries and sprains to sports injuries and falls, all types of injuries can be treated at a Boston chiropractic office. If you’ve suffered an The Accident and Injury Team, no matter what place it occurred, from playing sports, working, or as the unfortunate result of your current physical state, are here at the Chiropractor’s Office to assist. Boston Chiropractic Center has also built a stellar reputation for providing outstanding treatment following other car accidents.

Chiropractic – The Path to Health and Wellness

Many chiropractors provide diagnostic services, as well as a variety of treatments, which can range from basic adjustments to more invasive procedures. In the case of a neck injury, for instance, one of the first things your Chiropractor may recommend is that you ice your neck on a regular basis. This helps to take the pressure off the soft tissue surrounding the spinal cord, which in turn helps to alleviate pain. Other treatments your Chiropractor may recommend include utilizing traction, electrical stimulation, massage therapy, and soft tissue manipulation. Your Chiropractor can also instruct you on ways to prevent further neck injury by avoiding bad postures, using proper lifting techniques when lifting, and correct exercise techniques.

Many chiropractors at the Boston injury center also offer a full range of primary care services to address the needs of athletes and patients suffering from a variety of conditions. These services include rehabilitative training and rehabilitation, as well as specialized programs targeting the neck, back, and knee, as well as the shoulders, hips, and elbows. The goal of these programs is to promote maximum mobility and function. For example, if you were injured in a car accident and have sore muscles and tendons, your Chiropractor may recommend active release techniques to help loosen up the muscles and encourage rapid adaptive movements. Active release is considered a revolutionary technique that targets tight muscles with gentle stretches to quickly alleviate pain.