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motorcycle helmets nz

motorcycle helmets nz are a vital part of a biker’s kit, so it’s important to choose the right one. A prestigious brand name or high price is not the most important factor when choosing a helmet. Instead, look for a quality helmet with an identifying mark approved by a recognized accrediting body. Among these are BSI (British Standards Institution), SAI Global, and TUV Rheinland.

 How to Choose the Right One

The new Stars feature a wider, deeper faceshield that earns the Panovision label. Its wider face shield is also more aerodynamic, earning the helmet the “Panovision” tag. Its design also incorporates cutouts below the cheeks for easier rear vision mirror inspection. The cutouts also help riders hang off their bike while checking rear vision mirrors. And, of course, the Star is now available in five shell shapes.

Motorcycle helmets have to be fit to your head well, so make sure it fits properly. A sports bike helmet can be expensive, so look for one designed for that type of motorcycle. An excellent helmet will feature aerodynamics, serious ventilation, a firmly sealed visor, and good impact and abrasion protection. Check for the ECE standard when you buy a new helmet, and consult with a reputable store if you’re unsure.

Besides a motorcycle helmet, you should also wear appropriate clothing to prevent injury. Wearing clothes designed for motorcycle riding helps keep you warm. Wind chill can slow reflexes and reduce concentration. Leather gloves are warm, but not waterproof. Make sure your jacket and trousers are made from strong, waterproof materials. You should also wear a fluoro safety vest for extra visibility, and make sure your pants are fitted snugly around your legs.

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