Pre Rolls and Their Uses

Pre Rolls and Their Uses

Pre Rolls joints are a fast-growing industry in North America. It is not so much the cost savings to be had by purchasing pre-rolled joints but more than the convenience of online ordering. Many large wood retailers now stock a large variety of wood chips and other wood items that can be purchased in bulk for the benefit of resellers or other small businesses. There are many suppliers available both locally in Canada and on the Internet, including but not limited to Wholesale Interiors, Timberwolf, and J.C Penny’s Wholesale Club (makers of Penny Shops).

Pre-Rolled Joints.

Pre-rolled joints have a number of advantages over the use of standard mortise/tenon and slot type joints. First, wooden chips often have many tiny little nooks and crannies where two or more pieces of the wood meet which are difficult to produce using traditional methods of joining and do not always give the best result. Second, because these joints are pre-rolled, all of the excess wood is removed from the ends before the chip is filled and sealed. Once the wood chips have been removed, all that is left is the clean finish. This leads to better accuracy and consistency in the finished product than can be achieved with standard mortise/tenon joints.

The pre-rolled joints to allow for the fast production of many different sized wooden chips. Smaller joints can be used as pocket holes when adding a strip of decorative ribbon. These pre-rolled joints can also be used to add decorative overlays to gifts, such as photo frames or key chains. They are an excellent method of producing door surrounds and drawer fronts from standard rectangular slabs of wood. And, of course, they are a favorite of many people who simply want to save time by purchasing pre-rolled wooden chips and accessories rather than having to individually order each bit.

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