Two Things to Remember When Using Platform Ladders


platform ladders

Platform ladders are a good choice for many jobs, as they allow workers to work safely and securely off the ground. They look similar to step ladders, but they feature a large platform at the top of the ladder, which allows workers to place both of their feet on the platform at the same time. This makes it easy to do various types of work, such as painting, re-siding, and fitting windows and doors. You can even use a pair of platform ladders to perform tasks that require more than one person.

Help You To Improve Safety

The first thing to remember is to keep the ladder near the middle of the platform or steps. The best place to set up a platform ladder is near the work area, and personnel should avoid positioning them in busy pathways. Always position the ladder so that workers can easily access it, and avoid leaning too far over it or overextending themselves. Make sure to keep the majority of your weight on the platform or steps, and store it in a dry and secure area.

The second thing to remember when using a platform ladder is that it must be used on level ground. You should never use a Platform Ladder on a sloped surface, and make sure to use its anti-slip feet in good condition. When using a platform ladder, you should always make sure that the base is fully open and the Spreaders are locked in place. The platform height should never be lower than the second rung on a step ladder.

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