Understanding Microwave Wireless Communications


To design and develop efficient and cost-effective microwave wireless communications systems in today’s world involves dealing with the three distinct levels of technology involved: Device, Circuit, and System. This text presents the connections and interactions among the three levels instead of providing a comprehensive review of just one level. This is an excellent book to read for anyone who is interested in the development of new systems for wireless communications. Microwave technology is getting more advanced all the time and it can be quite confusing to keep track of all of the interactions that are required to get a system to work. If you have an interest in this technology and you have a good grounding in the electrical engineering aspects of it then this book is a great read.

Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem With Microwave Wireless Communications

microwave wireless communications

Parts I and II present a simple overview of microwave wireless communications and their historical development. Parts III and IV deal specifically with working with the system level and the various design issues involved with implementing such a system level design. Chapter 1 presents an introduction to the subject and goes into more detail about the different topics that are covered in the various chapters. Part IV is the biographical information of electromagnetic engineers who have contributed to the developments that have made possible the modern microwave wireless communications systems that we use today.

In Part IV, the author introduces the term Large-Signal Modeling, introduces the microwave transmitter and its characteristics, discusses the effect of phase relationships on the generation of certain waveforms, and then goes on to describe in greater detail the nonlinear characteristics of microwave transmission. This final chapter provides some guidelines regarding the design of a microwave transmitter for use in communications. The other major topic covered in this book is a detailed description of the nonlinear characteristics of microwave bandwidth and an explanation of why using such bandwidths are important in communications. With this final chapter the author closes by briefly describing two independent methods of optimizing the microwave bandwidth and discussing some of the considerations that must be made in designing a system using such bandwidth.

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